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Also, did you know Alanis has a podcast of her own? And then finally, I am so stoked for the person we have on the show today, we have the incredible astrology expert Debra Silverman. You can check out the Gemini one here. Get ready to go even deeper than before. And now I am feeling so ready to dive in, with more of a focus on the Esoteric, mystical, and moon-based side of astrology.

To reflect that, this will now be a bi-monthly podcast, released on both New and Full Moons. Then, to round out this Mutable Personal Air episode, we are graced with reflection of the great folk-singing oracle, Double Gemini, Jewel! One of my childhood favorites! I hope you enjoy New Moon Blessings! Starts June 10 Sign-up for Newsletter. It is a truly spectacular interview.

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We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack. This week on the show, enjoy an in-depth current transits meditation that will connect you to seven planets and the seven chakra centers. It must be Aries season, because episode is getting uploaded early!! On this Episode we talk about Aries connection to the Tower card in the tarot.

Then, enjoy an ancestral healing meditation for embodied health inspired by the Aries New Moon. On this episode, we explore Aries themes and connect to the part of the body Aries rules over, the head.

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And oh my goddess they are all full on activist pioneers! Then, we have the incredible Heidi Rose Robbins on the show today. Heidi is an esoteric astrologer based in Los Angeles. Heidi has supported many men and women through life transitions as an esoteric astrologer and as the leader of Radiant Life retreats, in which she teaches women how to live fuller, more expressive and courageously loving lives. We have an incredibly deep felt episode for your this week. Deep well of empathy processes the emotions of the collectiveConnection to Magical Otherworlds elicits fantasy and imaginationTurns heartache into devotional prayer for peacePoetically flows with Cosmic MysteryLoving-kindness and compassion releases the bind of karmic imprisonment.

IG: Mystical Mandrake Root email: mysticalmandrakeroot gmail. On this episode of Cosmic Cousins we dive in deep to the Piscean Waters. We cover near death experiences, shutting off sensitivity as a child, imaginary friends, maiden-mother-crone, angelic visions, surrender and relaxing into the flow, escapism, self-sabotaging, how to align both the Queen of Cups and Page of Cups sides of Pisces and loneliness.

Hope you enjoy! Big Pieces Love to you all! This week on the show we talk about Mercury Retrograde and how that is a complimentary energy to Pisces Season. Then, enjoy a meditation for embodied health the Pisces New Moon.

Vincent Millay, and Lupita Nyongo. Hey cosmic cousins! Welcome back to another week of the show. I was under the weather last week and couldn't publish an episode. On this week's episode, we start off with a guided meditation for embodied health that honors the energy of Pisces! And finally, we have our first every Aquarius Panel, which features L. And Stockholm based Samuel Draper samuel. This week on the show, enjoy a meditation that explores the polarity between Aquarius and Leo and is focused on the theme of love.

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We also talk about intercepted signs in your birth chart! And much, much more! Please leave some comments and love! It would be so nice to hear from you, it's my birthday week, after-all!! First enjoy a meditation for embodied health. In this meditation, we talk about Aquarius's connection to joints and the ankle, as well as holding space for feeling as connected to friendship and humanity at large. Aquarius is really a fascinating sign when it comes to planetary rulership, because it is co-ruled by two planets. It calls us all to step up on stage and perform.

This is no time to hide your light under a bushel or fear your own radiance. Circumstances call you to shine brightly. Jupiter also rules faith, an ingredient essential to any manifestation you intend to co-create. Radical faith and trust enable you to take giant risks that lead to opportunity.

Jupiter also can symbolize tests of faith, when huge upsets lead you to a deeper knowing of what actions, thoughts, and beliefs you need to change in order to reach your desired objectives.

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Everything feels bigger with Jupiter. So, if you experience any struggle in your life in the next 13 months, decide whether or not you are magnifying the issues at hand. The area of your life in which you can expect growth and expansion is signified by the house in your natal chart that Jupiter transits through this cycle.

Each astrological sign can expect different themes to present themselves. To find out how Jupiter will influence you, read both your sign and your rising sign. Jupiter in Leo shines bright light into your life the whole month cycle. Opportunities abound, and good fortune follows wherever you go. This is an exciting time in your life when hope for the future meets success.

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Are you thinking about starting a new career or developing an entrepreneurial idea? Take steps toward fulfilling your goals and dreams. Your challenge? Sit still long enough to hear your inner guidance. This is a lucky time for you. Make the most of it by paying careful attention to the signs and signals being offered to you at this time. Another opportunity is about to surface.

Just wait and see. You have everything it takes to move your life forward. No more cosmic lessons. This is the time for you to shine. Good news also comes if you have been trying to conceive or adopt a child.

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Lovingly receive all sorts of blessings from above. Keep reading. This is a very powerful time to set new intentions that allow you to grow or to expand your range of influence. Jupiter always brings blessings, growth, and expansion. The New Moon is a time for planting seeds and beginning new endeavors.

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Where you find 4 degrees of Leo in your natal chart is where you can make your biggest and boldest move! Set your intentions at the New Moon and be prepared to back it up with action in the weeks to follow. Check both your Sun and your Ascendant. LEO: Being more of who you really want to be. Hidden supporters.